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Since the stay-at-home orders for COVID-19 went into effect around the same time that spring cleaning takes place, I’m sure a lot of you have been scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush and wiping everything down 20 times a day. No, just me?? 😉I can almost guarantee that no matter how deep you’ve cleaned your house, you probably forgot this one very important task though – cleaning out your dryer vent ducts. Honestly, it wasn’t until I read this post from Alex Lee Realtor®, that I realized how important it was to clean out my dryer a few times a year!

If you didn’t already know, I’m a real estate agent in Wichita, KS with Cook Realty Group. So today, I’ve partnered with Alex Lee, a Realtor® in Dallas and Wichita to help show you a step-by-step guide on how to safely clean your dryer vent ducts.

Why It Is So Important to Clean Your Dryer Vent Ducts

Cleaning your dryer vent ducts is a fairly simple home maintenance task, yet it’s commonly forgotten. This can lead to serious issues such as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning when the ductwork cannot vent properly. To prevent these hazardous situations, make it a habit to clean your dryer vent regularly. Clean the small lint trap after each load, and clean the entire vent system once a year.

Depending on your laundry habits, you may need to clean the vent more often. If your clothes require more than one cycle to dry, your clothing has an odd, burning smell, or your laundry room feels unusually warm while the dryer is running, these are warning signs that you need to clean your vent.

When it’s time for this cleaning, use the following simple procedure to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Steps to Clean Your Dryer Vent Ducts:

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1. Disconnect Your Dryer Vent

Complete this process carefully. Start by unplugging your dryer from the power source. Then, remove any clamps from the vent pipe so you can detach it from the dryer. Next, pull the pipe away from the wall duct. If you have a gas dryer, take extra care during this process. You may need to contact a professional to avoid the risk of disturbing the gas line.

2. Remove The Lint Trap Filter

You should always make sure to remove the lint after each load but in case it’s been a while, go ahead and remove the lint filter and clean it out. TIP: If you grab some of the lint and rub it across the rest of the lint and in the corners of the filter, it will help clean it quickly and pick up all the little pieces.

3. Vacuum The Lint Trap

Vacuum the inside of the lint trap with a long skinny hose, reaching as far down as you can.

4. Clean The Dryer With A Lint Cleaning Kit

Use a vent cleaning kit to thoroughly clean your duct and vent. This kit will include a brush that extends the entire length of the duct to remove all debris. It might be easiest to work from the exterior of your home.

5. Vacuum The Lint Trap Again

After using the dryer vent cleaning kit, run your vacuum hose down the lint trap again to grab any leftover pieces the brush may have agitated off the sides of the duct.

6. Reassemble The Dryer

Reattach everything and enjoy a clean, efficient, safe dryer.

Repeat These Steps Every Year

Make sure to repeat these dryer vent cleaning steps every year to prevent fires and keep your dryer running efficiently! This simple task only takes about an hour and can prolong the life of your appliance and keep your family and home investment safe.

Thanks so much to Alex Lee Realtor® for letting me share his blog post with you guys!